Action Assembly

The original committee where you can make your voice heard, is back!

And this year is even more about how you can change the world we today live in, as our main theme is “ The integration of young people in cities around the world”!  

What is Action Assembly?

In Action Assembly, the delegates will take part in a debate, not as a country, but in their own name. They will be considered as “experts” on a particular city, they will have to do some research on their chosen city to have more knowledge about the subject and to have examples of problems and solutions to use during the lobbying and debate.  

How is it going to be this year?

The debate will focus on the integration of young people in cities of the world. As this year’s ILYMUN theme is “Cities”, we decided not to assign each person a country, but rather a city. Therefore, delegates will be split between 7 different cities they will be experts on: Teheran, Berlin, Mumbai, Dubaï, Los Angeles, Nairobi and Sao Paulo (Research reports coming soon!). Our two main themes will be the integration of young migrants and the integration of the young marginalized people in cities.  

What are we going to do?

On the first day, the delegates will be at the opening ceremony with the others, then they will be introduced to Action Assembly and their fellow delegates. During the course of the three days, there will be guest speakers invited to share their personal experience and knowledge on the subject with the delegates. There will also be lobbying time in which the delegates will create possible projects (in the form of motions) that could be put in place, and then, of course,  these projects will be debated to try to improve the motions with amendments and to do a first selection of the best projects. The idea is that through the debates we can find projects that could be put in place in most cities around the world. 

See the Research Reports on this page: About Issues Debated

Why should YOU join Action Assembly?

Have you ever dreamed of making your voice heard? Do you wish you could change the way things happen at a greater scale? If so, Action Assembly is for you! It is a great mix between the formal Ilymun debate and concrete actions, and furthermore a great opportunity to come up with wonderful projects that we’ll all try to put into place!   So, don’t hesitate anymore and join us for this amazing adventure 🙂  

If you’ve already chosen Action Assembly…

  Congratulation! You are now part of this wonderful adventure that leads to a better understanding of your world and to outstanding projects!   Coming soon, the research reports on the themes we’re going to be debating plus a special report for each city. As you already know, Ilymun debates aren’t that interesting without a bit of preparation… Especially to put in place projects in real life! Therefore, the Action Assembly team strongly encourages you to do some research on your side and to start thinking about the conference…   We’re glad you decided to join this committee, and we’re looking forward to meeting you!  


  Do you have any question about Action Assembly? Are you hesitating between different committees and need some information about us? Did you already join us but would still like some more precisions?   Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to answer you, as soon as possible! By e-mail: