Action Assembly

Think Globally, but Act Locally!

The Action Assembly is a venue for creative individuals who are eager to collaborate and committed to making a difference. It’s important to us that the collaboration starts and continues outside of the three days of our conference. We believe this is key to making real change.

This year our Action Assembly will work towards promoting UNICEF’s idea of “Equity” which is giving a “fair chance in life to every child, everywhere.” (

The Action Assembly seeks a diversity of opinions and proposals to explore issues such as:

In the Action Assembly, participants do not represent countries but speak for themselves. The atmosphere is one of a think-tank in which participants become more knowledgeable about the issues, by meeting with experts in the field and debating key issues together. The goal is to empower participants to take concrete action at local, regional and even national or international levels. The final outcome should be an array of action plans to raise awareness and promote solutions to improve the lives of children everywhere.  We fully support the UNICEF website’s statement that “All children deserve the chance to be happy and healthy, explore their world safely, and reach their full potential.”

Introduction to this year’s theme

“A fair chance in life to every child, everywhere.”

 If you are reading this it is safe to assume that you are part of the 40% of people who have a guaranteed 24/7 internet access, you are probably lying down in a couch, or sitting at a desk which implies that you are part of the 18% who have adequate housing, and you are probably wondering about the next MUN event you will be participating in hence you are also part of the 66% of kids enrolled in a secondary education. These statistics should -we hope- make you reflect on the previous quote. Not every children has been given the same opportunity as we have been given. This is why the Action Assembly hopes to attract proactive, ambitious students that will find solutions to reduce these inequalities, and fight for the children whose voices cannot be heard. As much as thinking is valued in our conference, that is only half of what we hope we can achieve.  UNICEF has kindly agreed to create a partnership with the Action Assembly. They will therefore, help us implement the (wonderful) ideas you will come up with during the three day conference.  

UNICEF is a program of the United Nations, it is hence in close collaboration with the latter. UNICEF (United Nations Children Emergency Fund) “provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries”. It relies on contributions from government and private donors but most importantly from the help of volunteers like you.

What is new about Action Assembly ?

ILYMUN is happy to introduce the second edition of the Action Assembly. The aim of the Action Assembly is to create an “action plan” (a plan whose aim is to fight “unequal access to education”). This entails that delegates (or experts) do not represent a country’s interest but represent themselves and their ideas. However, each school will be assigned a country on which to redirect their research, in order to better comprehend the specific problems preventing children from having equal access to education. In order to guide your research the delegates will be asked to prepare some notes that answer the following questions : → Quick geographical presentation of your country → State of the country (which kind of government, economic issues..) → Statistics (how many children are in school ? how long? how many girls? How many boys? How many children work ? what kind of job …? ) → How does the topic affect your country (why are not all the kids in school ? Is it because of discrimination based on sex, religion, color…?) → What are the obstacles to equal access to education ? (resources, poverty, distance from

The MUN procedures will be slightly modified but overall preserved. This year, the Action Assembly has sealed a partnership with UNICEF, which entails that experts will be lobbying in order to come up with new and efficient action plans which will then be debated. By the end of the conference, we will present these Action Plans to UNICEF, which will eventually be implemented by the latter organisation around the world in ILYMUN’s name, if believed to be original and feasible.

Your directors,

Noemi Noveck, Alexander Caillon, Gabe Macbeath, and Louis O’Connell.