Action Assembly

A unique committee where your voice is heard!

What is Action Assembly ?

In the Action Assembly, delegates do not represent a country, but rather represent themselves. Delegates work together to develop “action plans” in order to make real change in their own communities, in their regions, in their countries and even on a global scale. Their action plans offer the ILYMUN community a direction or vision as well as real-life opportunities to make change.

What’s this year’s theme ?

This year, the Action Assembly will work towards the reduction of inequalities on a local and global scale by working closely with NGOs specializing on this subject. This will broaden the debate and provide delegates with the tools they need to complete their mission.

What are we going to do ?

Over the course of the three days, there will be guest speakers from various NGOs in order to share their experience and knowledge on reducing inequalities and to guide us in developing our action plans for change. There will also be lobbying and discussion time in which the delegates will create projects that could be put in place, and develop a charter of 19 acts and/or pledges. The charter will be posted on the ILYMUN website as both a vision and concrete steps we can all take towards reducing inequalities.
At the end of the conference, the members of Action Assembly will present their projects that students can implement and they will present the charter of actions and pledges that will show the ILYMUN participants how they CAN work to reduce inequality.

How do we prepare for the Action Assembly ?

Why should YOU join the Action Assembly ?

This is the committee where your own voice is heard. This is the committee that actually works towards real change. It’s a great mix between the formal debating of MUN conferences and informal discussions. It’s the committee where you’ll collaborate with people to develop real plans and concrete actions in order to change things in your own community. If we all make small changes in our communities, we can change the world! So, don’t hesitate anymore and join us in the Action Assembly.