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  • Cedric Morel: Head of Admins

    Cedric Morel, Head of Admins, is a student in his final year at the CSI.

    How has your experience of ILYMUN been so far?

    It’s been amazing! I was able to meet new people just like last year. All the guest speakers were very interesting, especially the ones from INTERPOL and the delegates from the real United Nations.

    What was the planning process on your part, in a few words?

    We had to settle on a number of admins we could pick for this year’s conference. We read their motivation letters, we had to make sure we had the right people for the job. We had to put together their schedules, and prepare them for their committees, explain their roles to them and what was expected of them.

    Are you happy with your choices, and are there enough admins?

    Yeah, really happy, and plenty of admins.

    What did you learn from your position on the organizing team?

    I learned how to handle responsibilities, and how to make quick decisions when a problem surfaced. It really helped me develop my skills because I was able to learn how to adapt to new situations and upcoming troubles.

    What was your most stressful moment?

    No stressful moments, and I’m confident everything will keep running smoothly.

    What was your best moment?

    The party! YAY!

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