The Conference

General Facts

Ilymun 2017 is the 5th MUN conference led by the Cité Scolaire Internationale de Lyon and the International School of Lyon. The three-day conference will gather over 400 High School Students from all over the World: more than 13 different countries from 4 different continents! The prestigious venue will be the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon’ campus. From January 12th to 14th, delegates, directors, speakers and guests will see how our event can be considered as a Model that Unites the Nations.


Taking inspiration from FERMUN in Geneva and THIMUN in the Hague, Pierre Mohamed and Kaelan Tardy founded ILYMUN in 2013, organizing the first edition. The “Ilymun baby” (that’s how Magali, 2016 edition’s Secretary General used to call it) was created from the melting pot of different cultures that are CSI and ISL. The baby grew up, as well as the MUN clubs in our respective schools, and is now so big that we had to leave the Hôtel de Région which was too small for us. As Pierre Mohamed says: “The fact that I inspired a generation of students, a class year of students is crazy, and to have that passed on to a new year is even crazier. I don’t know how many students have been through ILYMUN, but it’s crazy, and it’s only going to grow, and grow, and grow.”

Our Values

  1. Enriching education: We believe that the main aim of MUN conferences is to educate the participants providing them with important skills such as public speaking or ability to negotiate. It also opens one’s mind and introduces reflections on a complex World. Ilymun helps us, students, to grow and become a global citizen. Here is a quote of our friends from INOMUN in Lille that suits perfectly to our ideals: “The aim of debating is to resolve problems with words, without violence, without deaths. We, high school students are the next generation. We have to act, we have to do something. A MUN won’t literally change things, but it is a way to sharpen our critical. mind, to make acute our intelligence in order to take over our parents’ generation. In order to bring peace.”
  2. Constant innovation: As you may see, Ilymun has grown since its beginnings thanks to new projects we are developing every year. Of course, the main issue of the conferences changes from a year to another, but new branches are created, such as the Youth Conference or Action Assembly. Furthermore, the feedbacks from you, dear participants, after each conference, allow us to improve an important number of its aspects.
  3. Human experience: Most of the diplomats will always tell you: “The most efficient decisions, those which actually change the world, are taken in conviviality moments after a day of debate”. And this is true. Therefore, we keep in mind that an MUN conference is an amazing place to meet new friends. Two essential factors allow you to have real exchanges: small committees (from 20 to 100 persons) and social events: visit programs and of course the Party!
  4. By Students, for Students: Even if an adult’s board supervises our agenda, every project is elaborated by High School students who are doing their best to provide High School delegates with the best service ever.
  5. Ecological engagements: Bearing in mind the Ilymun 2016 conference resolutions to tackle Climate Change, we are taking concrete action to save the Planet, following environmental values. We are using a minimal amount of paper and go digital as often as possible. We strive to be role models for a green conference.

2017 Edition

The Ilymun 2017 conference will integrate several improvements that will make it very unique and original. Inspired by the Word Humanities Conference that will be held in Liège on August 2016, the theme focuses on human aspects of an important, but silent change that is completely turning our society upside down.

We are now living a major revolution in the fields of communication and technology. Such a change is so powerful that it deeply affects human life on every scale. In this destabilizing context, the general theme of the conference will be “Challenges and Responsibilities in a World in transition”.

The Human Sciences, an amount of disciplines such as literature, philosophy, or arts, are a wonderful tool to meditate on events and find a durable solution. Our aim on this 2017 edition is to change our classical point of view on the world to prevent rather the causes than the consequences of the most alarming problems of our societies.
During this already 5th edition, the delegates will face a new kind of issues in committees that have been adapted to them. Therefore, some classical committees, based on real UN institutions, will be replaced by brand new ones.

The Action Assembly is going to make a new start, thanks to a new structure of the debate and a UNICEF partnership. This year, we take concrete action!
While you are reading this, our organization team is working hard to provide you the most prestigious and renowned Guest Speakers ever. For sure, the Opening and Closing ceremonies will be unforgettable!


To make ILYMUN truly outstanding, we rely on generous sponsorship from institutions as well as private companies. We are currently sponsored by the Région Rhône-Alpes Auvergne, as well as by Merial and MRI Relocations. We offer complete promotion packages for businesses who participate in our sponsorship program, and our deepest gratitude to those who donate as individuals. By financially helping ILYMUN, you are effectively helping its noble goals prosper. For more information, click here to view our sponsor’s brochure (in PDF format). If you or your company is interested, our External Communication is here to answer all of the questions you might have. Find their contact information below:

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