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  • Getting to know ILYMUN: Head of Social Events

    Interview of Tiphaine Gallea, CSI student and ILYMUN Head of Social Events, 11.11.2017

    Interview by Estelle Tromeur (CSI)

    Tiphaine is a Terminale American OIB student at the Cité Scolaire Internationale of Lyon. She is French and spent two years living near New York City in the United States. She is currently studying for the Economic and Social French Baccalaureate, and later aspires to study social sciences and communication.

    Press: What is your role in ILYMUN 2018?


    Tiphaine Gallea: I’m head of Social Events, meaning I’ll be organizing the party on Friday night, but also all the amusements for the breaks and for lunch periods during the conference. We’re also doing a tour of Lyon on Thursday night. We plan on occupying people during their free time and giving a fun side to a conference that mainly deals with quite serious issues.


    Press: How would you describe your overall goals/missions of your position in view of this year’s 2018 ILYMUN?


    T.G: My main goal is that people have fun, even though they’re debating really serious matters, so that when they take a break, they can meet new people, and create memories for themselves. My main goal is also to promote communication and exchanges amongst students, so they get to know each other and bond despite their differences.


    Press: What are the core activities you manage as Head of Social Events?


    T.G: We’ve mostly been searching for a place to host the party, which we’ve found. We also try to find ice breakers, things to do to occupy people during the breaks… globally we brainstorm to make the delegate experience as fun as possible.


    Press: What are the main challenges in your responsibilities? What are your favorite aspects?

    T.G: The main challenges are probably communication between co-heads, time constraints, and having to organize things that for now seem quite blurry. My favorite part is that I will be the one to walk up to people, to talk to them… it’s great knowing that I will have the responsibility of the ‘fun side’ of the conference.


    Press: In comparison to past years, what are the newly introduced factors which you look forward to?


    T.G: I look forward to, first of all, all the new people we haven’t met yet, as well as the International Court of Justice and all the new ideas put into the project this year. We also have new plans for social events!


    Press: What are your views on this year’s paramount theme, Cities?


    T.G: At first I was kind of sceptical. I didn’t understand what exactly it would encompass, but when I understood we would be discussing issues such as disparities and inequalities I found it to be a very important theme. The fact that we all live in cities, also makes it a really interesting theme on which to reflect, because it’s not something we think to consider in depth daily although it’s everything that surrounds us.


    Press: How long have you participated in ILYMUN? Why is it important to you?


    T.G: I started MUN last year and joined ILYMUN 2017 as a delegate in the ‘Cultural Memory’ committee, which was just fascinating. It was beyond interesting to discuss different cultures and the ways to sustain them. ILYMUN is really important to me because I want to study international relations in the future and because it’s important to get familiar with the format of diplomatic activity. It’s also a place to meet many people from many different and new horizons; it’s an amazing place to unite and collaborate with people you don’t know.


    Press: What is a piece of advice you would give to a new or prospective member of the organization?

    T.G: Heads, remember that communication and teamwork are key: even if you don’t know your co-heads well or  if you don’t particularly get along, you can’t do anything without them.

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