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  • Getting to know ILYMUN: Heads of Chairs

    Interview of Daniella Nelson, Justine Seguin, Rachel Mery and Clément Balen, ILYMUN Heads and Deputy Heads of Chairs, 11.11.2017

    Interview by Malo Thomassin and Gabby McGeachy


    The  Heads of Chairs are in charge of training and managing the conference’s Chairs, who host and regulate the debates in the various committees. Daniella and Justine are Grade 12 and Grade 11 students from ISL, while Rachel and Clément are students from CSI.


    Press: What is your role in ILYMUN?:


    Heads Of Chairs: We, as heads, must complete, correct, and finalize research reports which are assigned respectively to the various chairs. These chairs are joined together in pairs and assigned a particular committee for the actual conference. It is important for us to instruct the chairs on how to manage debates constructively and train them as a chair: we organize, guide, and supervise the chairs as well as assist them accordingly if any problems arise. In additional to our supervisory roles, we ourselves are chairs and conduct our respective committees.

    Press: What are your main goals for ILYMUN 2018?


    HOC: Our main goal is to ensure that all chairs are aware of how to chair effectively.

    Justine: “As well as to make ILYMUN very professional.”

    Rachel: “And to make sure the SG’s recognize the chairs at the end of the conference, as chairs possess a crucial position in the conference; they are a link between the organizing team and the delegates”.


    Press: Justine emphasized the idea of “trying to make this conference professional”. What are your views on ILYMUN being managed by teenagers?

    HOC: Rachel: “Despite the organization, which is a fairly demanding effort, this event allows individuals to experience a “UN” experience. You realize how difficult it is to plan these kinds of things; it makes you reflect upon the UN organizing 100 different countries, it’s just… phew!”

    Clement: “For example, imagining which countries are going to be in which committee is an immense challenge, unless it’s a pre-made committee which already exists in the United Nations, ie. the Security Council. Otherwise, choosing who goes where in different levels of organization… (Clement then talks more globally about the whole organisational process) It starts from the SG’s and it just goes down and they have a lot of work; we really look up to them”.


    Press: In comparison to past years, what are your goals for improvement?


    HOC: We aspire that all of the chairs enjoy the conference, as for some of them, it is their first year at ILYMUN, so we wish to ‘set the tempo’ if you may.

    Clement: “We want them to only rise from here by setting the right foundation”


    Press: Do you have any favored committees?


    HOC: Rachel: “I am pretty excited about chairing human rights; I have a little connection with development because I was a delegate during my first year in that committee.


    Press: What, if any, are your past experiences in ILYMUN?


    HOC: -All except Clement have been chairs in the past-


    Press: How do you feel about the age of this year’s chairs/recruits in addition to this year’s process in general?


    HOC: We are all very satisfied with this year’s recruits, especially because we have individuals from Seconde; everyone has very good potential!


    Press: Lastly, what advice would you give to prospective members wanting to join the Charing Team?


    HOC: Rachel: “Don’t be afraid to participate, as it comes far more naturally in the process of learning of how to become a chair. When you’re a chair, you talk all the time, and you might mess up or fumble with your words a bit, but realistically, no one cares!”.

    Daniella: “Just speak, have fun, and be confident… (adding humoristically) everyone else is worrying about themselves anyway!”.

    Justine: “ It’s such a great experience”.

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