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  • Getting to know ILYMUN: Head of Press

    Interview of Oscar Brisset, CSI student and ILYMUN Head of Press, 11.11.2017

    Interview by Malo Thomassin and Marine Bergeron (CSI)



    Oscar Brisset is a Terminale American OIB student at the Cité Scolaire Internationale of Lyon. Born in Australia, he moved to Lyon at the age of 14. Previously a Chair for the ‘Resource Management’ committee at ILYMUN 2017, he decided to switch roles this year and lead the Press team.


    Press : What is your role in ILYMUN 2018 ?


    Oscar Brisset: My main responsibility is preparing for what the press team will be accomplishing during the conference, making sure everything runs smoothly, and that both written and photo press understand what they have to do...in short, that all the press team is set and ready for ILYMUN 2018.


    Press: How would you describe the overall goals/missions of your position in view of this year’s ILYMUN?


    Oscar Brisset: My job, in preparation for ILYMUN, is to make sure that the articles are on time, the photos are nicely organized and that the website is prepared. For instance, all the work completed on training day (November 11th) had to be transferred to the heads to prepare for the conference.


    Press: What are the core activities you manage as a Head of Press?


    O.B: On a weekly basis, I check on the articles so that everything is corrected, neat and polished for the website. A couple of weeks ago, we had the Ilymun trailer to finish, which was taken care of by Augustin Dirand, the head of audio-visual for the ISL. We supervised the whole project, which turned out well.


    Press: What are the main challenges in your responsibilities?


    O.B: My main challenges include making sure that everything is delivered on time and demanding great coordination and communication from the rest of the team. However, all decisions must be approved by the administration, meaning not all ideas are able to go through.


    Press: In comparison to past years, what are some new changes in the press team?


    O.B: I wasn’t part of the press team in the past years, but a chair instead. Nevertheless, this year we tried to get in contact with very important guest speakers such as Saskia Sassen, famous geographer and creator of the concept of ‘global cities’. I believe this was an important and very interesting initiative. Other than that there have been only a few minor changes, but all for the good!


    Press: Do you have any favorite committees? If so, Why?


    O.B: I have a slight preference for the ‘Resource Management’ committee, which I chaired last year. I also enjoy the ‘Economic and Social’ committee, which I presume is quite important, and equally as interesting.


    Press: What is a piece of advice you would give to a new or prospective member wanting to join the press team?


    O.B: They should make sure to complete the workload efficiently. It’s honestly a great experience, giving you skills in organization and public relations, which prepare you for the future. Despite the heavy workload, it’s really a thrilling experience.

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