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  • ILYMUN 2018 Training day

    To ensure better cohesion and boost ILYMUN’s standards, the organizing team, admins, chairs and delegates gathered together for an official training day at the International School of Lyon, on November 11th, 2017.

    On November 11th, the International School of Lyon hosted a training day for all members of the organizing team, as well as for a number of delegates from Lyon. The aim was to simulate the official ILYMUN conference, so as to ensure everything ran smoothly and efficiently by January. The day opened up with the arrival of the organizing team, chairs and admins.  Opening presentations and speeches were made by ISL MUN director Mrs. Nora Trout, as well as the ILYMUN Secretary Generals, in which they reasserted their hopes for this year’s conference, and updated participants on what had already been achieved as well as what was coming. During the hour that followed, the participants got to know each other, and set out the objectives for the day. This was the first time many of the members met, but by 11 o’clock, most were already efficiently interacting and organizing their tasks. Such missions ranged from conducting interviews, to setting up the debate rooms, to finishing research reports.

    After a productive morning, the delegates made their arrival, and debates began at 1:15pm. Just like in the real conference, delegates were separated into committees, each with a particular focus. Those held on training day were namely Human Rights, ECOSOC, Environmental, Youth Council and the Security Council. Come the real ILYMUN, this will be extended to include a dozen committees.


     After lobbying for 20 minutes, a set of motions were put forward, and, just like in the United Nations, delegates began discussing these motions in respect of the country they represented. Motions are proposals submitted by delegates which address an issue, and suggest a solution to it. In Human Rights, participants discussed border control and the distribution of migrants throughout the member states, the Security and Youth Councils debated on the possible restriction of automatic weapons in response to the rise of firearm related problems, ECOSOC deliberated on sanctions for drug usage, and the Environmental Committee discussed both the creation of an international scientific association to lower fossil fuel usage and promote renewable energy, and the extension and reinforcement of the Kyoto protocol. After two hours of intense and prolific debate, the delegates proceeded to vote on the motions, signalling the end of a fantastic day.

    Training day can be considered as a significant success in that it has been highly beneficial for everyone. First of all, it brought together students from CSI and ISL, enhancing the cohesion between both schools and creating links early off in the year so as to set the base for a better cooperation. More specifically, it has been constructive for each department. For example, it allowed the press members to start working in a team, practicing interviewing and taking notes and pictures during live debates. The delegates were also able to take the floor in a more official framework, encouraging them to defend arguments they have researched, and to speak up when taking the floor. Furthermore, it allowed the chairs to supervise a debate more formally, the admins to fix eventual problems, and the youth conference members to pair up middle schoolers with experience in debating with those who had little to no experience in the field, so as to enhance learning and ensure everyone was able to make the most of it. Finally, it enabled the executive board to extend their knowledge on how to organize and handle things before and during the conference. Globally, Training day was a great success: it stimulated everyone on personal, social and intellectual levels, whilst enhancing ILYMUN standards. Most importantly, it made sure the teams had a chance to practice and prepare for the main event, something they did not have in previous years. All participants showed genuine motivation and involvement, making this day a very promising first experience of ILYMUN 2018 !

     The ILYMUN press team

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