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  • Louis d'Hulst: Head of Logistics



    How has your experience of ILYMUN been so far?

    Very different from the previous years. There is a huge difference between being a delegate or a chair and being part of the organizing team. So I’ve seen that what we perceived as being a huge mistake in the organization is actually not very relevant in the eyes of the delegates or chairs. So far it’s been a lot of fun - very stressful - but really fun!

    What was the planning process on your part, in a few words?

    All the random jobs that other heads cannot handle come to me: caterer, walkie-talkies, placards, time tables, figuring out what countries were participating in the conference and in which committees…. I’ve been mostly working with Tom and Elsa, the event managers for the CSI.

    What did you learn from your position on the organizing team?

    I learned how to use spreadsheets a lot better!

    I also learned how to rationalize when it comes to overcoming problems, how to deal with stressful situations as well, and how to think on my feet which is very important when you’re organizing. I also learned that you cannot always fully trust what other people say because it’s not necessarily true most of the time, haha!

    What was your most stressful moment?

    The first day, when there was a miscommunication and we hadn’t set up the lobbying for the GA. We had to shout in the atrium and gather all the countries inside one at a time. There’s an example of thinking on your feet!

    What was your best moment?

    I ate my Taco, after having spent three hours running around organizing the GA.

    Constance Lorchel

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