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  • Martin Gillet: Head of Housing

    Martin Gillet - Head of Housing and Delegate in the Science and technology Committee

    How has your experience of ILYMUN been so far?

    It has been absolutely great so far! Everything has been going smoothly it’s fantastic. I couldn’t compare it with last year because I wasn’t part of the organizing team, but as far as being a delegate, both last year and this year’s conferences were great.

    What was the planning process on your part, in a few words?

    I had to contact every single host family and make matches between delegates and host families. It was important to make sure they all found a host for during the conference. The process was very stressful.

    What did you learn from your position on the organizing team?

    I learned I can rely on myself and that I can trust my abilities to deal with problems. I had to deal with a 135 students on my own and it’s a great responsibility. It worked out fine so it made me more confident about organizing this kind of process.

    What was your most stressful moment?

    On the actual day of the conference, some matches ended up failing and I had to secure housing for different delegates without any host family. It was a difficult job but I came to terms with it.

    What was your best moment?

    Being elected best delegate ! AYEEE!

    Constance Lorchel

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