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  • Nicolas Jomard: Deputy Secretary General

    Nicolas Jomard: Deputy Secretary General

    What has been your experience of ILYMUN so far?

    It’s been great, we’ve had a couple problems but they’ve all been solved very quickly, the quality of debates has been very high, the team is amazing, and overall it’s just been awesome.

    Could you explain the planning process in a few words?

    The most important step, at the beginning, was to choose the organizing teams, then we chose the theme of the conference and what everyone’s going to debate, and finally we figured out all the logistical stuff: making sure we had all the rooms, the building for the social events, food, and of course contacting all the other schools that were participating.

    What have you learned from your position on the executive board?

    Managing people: it sounds simple, but it’s in fact very difficult because people aren’t always going to listen to what you have to say. Sometimes you have an idea in mind, and it’s not what everyone wants to do or how everyone sees things, so it can be difficult to get a common agreement. Ultimately, everyone has a valuable opinion to offer, and it really is all the individual contributions that make this conference great. There’s also the general supervision of the conference which is difficult, for example on the first day we had a coordination problem for the GA, and a tight schedule in which to fix it. In the end, we managed to sort things out pretty quickly thanks to the dedicated team of organizers. The whole experience also taught me to keep a calm attitude even in stressful situations, because people might be looking to you for direction.

    What’s been your most stressful moment?

    Probably giving my speech at the Opening Ceremony on Friday morning.

    What’s been your best moment?

    Also giving my speech. But overall the whole conference is incredible, and definitely an amazing experience.

    Cléo Thomas

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