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Country and Committee Assignments

In October, we will send you the Country and Committee Assignments Form (Form II). The number of countries and committees assigned to your school is based on the estimated number of delegates that you proposed on your School’s Registration Form (Form I). Please complete Form II by filling the delegation slots assigned to your school with the names of your students.


The Housing and Transportation Form (Form III – to be sent later), must be completed by November 1st. Accommodation will be provided for 3 nights (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) either by host families or in a Youth Hostel. For delegations staying in the Youth Hostel, please note that Directors will be required to stay with their students (accommodation paid for). For delegations staying with host families, Directors may wish to stay at one of the hotels (at their own expense) located near the conference site or in the city center which is accessible via public transport. Please consult our website or send us an email to find out more information about housing or hotels.

Dates and Fees

Important Dates:

Registration opens end of May 2016
School Registration (Form I) due July 1st, 2016
Conference Fees due October 1st, 2016
Country and Committee Assignments (Form II) due November 1st, 2016
Housing and Transportation (Form III) due November 1st, 2016

Conference Fess:

Registration fee per school 20€ (euros)
Registration fee per delegate 60€ (euros)
Registration fee per MUN director 60€ (euros)
* Fees include lunches on Friday and Saturday.

Committees and Issues

Please refer to our committees page on our website: http://ilymun.org/committees/

Action Assembly: A Fair Chance for Every Child

The Action Assembly is a venue for creative individuals who are eager to collaborate and committed to making a difference. It’s important to us that the collaboration starts and continues outside of the three days of our conference. We believe this is key to making real change.
This year our Action Assembly will work towards promoting UNICEF’s idea of “Equity” which is giving a “fair chance in life to every child, everywhere.” (http://www.unicef.org/)
The Action Assembly seeks a diversity of opinions and proposals to explore issues such as:

In the Action Assembly, participants do not represent countries, but speak for themselves. The atmosphere is one of a think-tank in which participants become more knowledgeable about the issues, by meeting with experts in the field and debating key issues together. The goal is to empower participants to take concrete action at local, regional and even national or international levels. The final outcome should be an array of action plans to raise awareness and promote solutions to improve the lives of children everywhere. We fully support the UNICEF website’s statement that, “All children deserve the chance to be happy and healthy, explore their world safely, and reach their full potential.”