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  • The Ilymun Action Assembly is recruiting!

      The Action Assembly has officially returned for ILYMUN 2018, with brand-new, creative, ideas for outstanding projects. This assembly welcomes all collaborative innovators like yourself, that are dedicated to making a difference. Within this assembly, there will be particular committees debating various issues; since each delegate within a committee represents him or herself, each delegate is able to express and recommend their personal opinions and arguments upon a ‘motion’. Keep in mind, we will still implement the formal rules of MUN, however, a motion is not a ‘law’ per se, but rather a project that can be applied in real-life situations. These projects must suggest methods for improvement and spark change.

    The theme of this year’s assembly is ‘Cities’. Each delegate will be assigned a specific city, but as mentioned previously, each delegate is an expert of their position, therefore they speak for themselves. The initial goal is to create motions, or projects, by lobbying, followed by debating these motions to develop a ‘general project’. Once this ‘general project’  has been determined, the delegates will further debate upon the motions, with the hope that they are concretized!

    'Cities’ is a global theme that will focus on a concentration of people in a specific area, but more specifically, young people. This year will be discussed the integration of young migrants and young marginalized people in world cities. This is a very current, relevant, and controversial topic in today’s society, so we are keen on hearing your ideas and positions upon this issue.

    In this assembly, participants will obtain all of the advantages of MUN, such as formal language and debating serious issues, yet bone has the ability to express his or her own thoughts and position upon the topic. This debate does not rely on the creation of laws, but projects, which leads to  the construction of more concrete and productive proposals.

    All in all, this assembly is an exciting and collaborative experience we guarantee you’ll enjoy. So, if you are eager to change the world and are inspired to act for the integration of your peers, join the action assembly, we’d love to have you with us!


    Arthur Paillet and Mathilde Andrieux, Heads of Action Assembly:




    -Gabby McGeachy for ILYMUN 2018 Press

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