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  • Jan 22, 2017 ●
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  • The Youth Conference

    Chairs: Emily Vandame, Cassandre Verhelst and Emma Shan all animated the Youth Committee  on the third day of ILYMUN 2017.

    The aim of this Committee is to reach out to the younger generation, so as to let them experience the joys of debating and of MUN.

    After a little bit of uncertainty, all the young delegates enthusiastically shared their points of views on several clauses, including the importance of learning the language specific to a certain region of a country. Passing clauses to the chairs, answering Points of Information, defending their opinion; they've done it all and they took their roles very seriously.

    They were comfortable discussing issues between themselves despite being with students from different schools, and they spoke well when they held the floor. Three brave youth delegates even spoke at the Closing Ceremony.

    They are the future of ILYMUN, and we would like to congratulate them for their fantastic work.

    It is clear ILYMUN's heritage will be preserved throughout the following years! We look forward to seeing you all back soon!

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