Action Assembly

A unique committee where your voice is heard!

What is Action Assembly ?

Action Assembly is very different from the rest of the committees at ILYMUN as you will be expressing yourself more personally. You will be debating issues with a more down-to-earth and relatable approach as the motions and objectives are chosen in order to allow individual reflection and change. Most committees debate in the name of nations and debate real-time UN subjects and motions, on the other hand, we will be debating motions that directly impact our way of life and delegates will be representing themselves (or cities, associations, corporations of their choice depending on the theme).

What is this year’s theme ?

This year’s theme is water. We will be focusing on three main topics: water overconsumption (including meat consumption, household water use, etc…) water pollution (including fast fashion, agriculture, plastic use…) and finally access to sanitation. We really hope the delegates will feel passionate about the exchanges that will take place between themselves and will be eager to keep the conversation going after the conference in order to take true action!

What are we going to do ?

In order to see the real changes we can make, and to take real action, the delegates will be preparing a 10 point chart at the end of our three days of debate, listing the main actions we can individually take to help with these water issues. We also think a recap video of Action Assembly’s debate as well as a few posters, could be extremely powerful in order to raise awareness on the subject. The goal would be to post these on the ILYMUN platforms and distribute them (charts and posters) in your schools and communities. We truly want everyone to feel concerned, and reflect on their ways of life, which is what we need to change!

How do we prepare for the Action Assembly ?

- We have prepared a Research Report to give the delegates an overall idea of what the debate will be like, and to enlighten them on the research they should be doing.

- We expect our delegates to have thought about their personal opinions on the topics, as well as have done research on one or more corporations, associations, cities they will be representing (during days 2 & 3)

Why should YOU join the Action Assembly ?

This is the committee where your own voice is heard. This is the committee that actually works towards real change. Being confronted with various opinions leads to truly enriching and relevant conversations rather than debating as assigned countries which, although being challenging and inspiring, is a form of debate that restricts the delegates to a specific point of view and makes it harder to relate on a personal level to the debated motions. The topic of ILYMUN 2020 being “water”, an extremely relevant and important subject of today’s world, we find it particularly interesting to debate in our own names as so much change can be made on an individual level.

Whoever you are, you should be part of Action Assembly, and promote action in the world!