Action Assembly

A unique committee where your voice is heard!

What is Action Assembly ?

The Action Assembly (AA) is very different from other committees at ILYMUN. In this unique committee, you will not be debating real-time UN motions in the name of nations. Instead, the debates are more down-to-earth and relatable. They invite individual reflection. In the AA we debate motions that directly impact our way of life and delegates represent themselves (or corporations, political figures, etc. of their choice, depending on the theme).

As the name implies, the Action Assembly’s purpose is to take action. For this reason, each year, the committee works together to develop a statement of action or action plan, that will empower conference participants to take action on an attainable scale. It’s all about our generation being true actors of change.

What is this year’s theme ?

This year’s conference theme is **Cyber World: Are truth, justice and peace in the balance? **The Action Assembly will focus on the following three topics:

- Internet Relationships

- Cyber Activism

- The Impact Of The Internet On The Press

We are a “digital” generation and it’s time we take more control of this aspect of our everyday lives. It’s up to us to develop frameworks and guidelines for the cyber world we live in.

What are we going to do ?

This year, the committee will produce a video in which volunteer delegates explain what they have learnt about the three topics, and what can be done to make positive changes. Given our Cyber World theme, we hope to post the video on the ILYMUN YouTube Channel, and Facebook and Instagram accounts. The committee will also create a poster for delegates to put up in their respective schools, and to reach out to a wider audience about the topics discussed.

The video and poster will help each and everyone of us to raise awareness, to take action on a scale that is attainable for students, and to share the knowledge that we have acquired at ILYMUN 2021.

How do we prepare for the Action Assembly ?

The chairs have prepared a Research Report which gives delegates:

- more details on the organization of the committee

- general information on the topics

- sources for additional research

- questions to reflect on

In short, we expect our delegates to have thought about their personal opinions on the topics, as well as have done research on one or more companies, political figures, or countries they will be representing.

Why should YOU join the Action Assembly ?

This is the committee in which your own voice is heard. The AA works as a team. We are all on an equal footing, learning together. The AA takes action towards real change. The AA explores different points of view and hosts relevant conversations which lead to fulfilling debates. The issues are interesting and challenging. We can relate personally to these cyber issues. Unlike the other ILYMUN committees, our fight for change goes beyond the three-day conference.

So…join us in the Action Assembly and promote action in the world!