Mini ILYMUN Interviews

On the occasion of the Mini-ILYMUN conference, we had the great opportunity to interview Gaëlle Gormley, founder of the association Act for Ref and Tarek El, a refugee from Syria who came to France in 2014. Discover what they had to share about the conference's theme: refugees:
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Mini ILYMUN: Refugees

Throughout the mini-conference of ILYMUN, our delegates were able to discuss important issues regarding the key relations between refugees and technology, covid or women rights. Discover more about these paramount topics our respective articles on medium:

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<a href=”“>Click here to read about empowering refugees through technology

<a href=”“>Click here to read about protecting rights of women refugees

Journée de la Terre : Un appel à la préservation de la planète

À l'occasion de la Journée de la Terre 2021, notre équipe de presse, ainsi que l'équipe de presse de MUNNISA, ont créé un article sur la signification, l'histoire et les célébrations de la Journée de la Terre.
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ILYMUN 2020 THEME: Water, a Thirst for Change

Articles series: An Introduction to Water Issues
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Guest Speaker 2020 : Jean Louis Etienne

"The South Pole is where all the meridiens of all the countries come together. It is the land of international peace."
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Our written press team investigates the Humans of ILYMUN

On the first day of ILYMUN, many people arrived, most of them strangers to us. At first, only one thing seemed to be in common: their smile. So we became inquisitive: why were they here, and what was making them smile so much? Here’s what we found out.
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ILYMUN : Inside the conference

Committee reports, articles, and more!
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Training Day November 31st 2019

The Organization of ILYMUN is a very large undertaking and requires a lot of people to cooperate and work together in order to assure the quality of the whole conference. On november 30th, training day was a way to prepare all teams; press, admins, logistics just to name a few, to ensure that we could have the best possible conference for everyone involved.
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Behind the Scenes of ILYMUN: MUN club at the CSI

A Model UN Club has been held at the Cité Scolaire Internationale of Lyon for many years. Students get together every Thursday, after school, to debate various topics, often inspired by ongoing events. Ranging from a motion on measures to protect forests, in light of the Australian bushfires, to resolutions on the refugee crisis, students are brought to confront ideas in a setting imitating a United Nations assembly.
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From January 30th to February 1rst, students from all over the world will gather to debate water issues, United Nations-style, at ILYMUN; an annual conference organized for students, by students. ILYMUN will be hosting the debate around water with the following committees: Security Council, Historical Security Council, Science and Technology, World Health Organization, Environmental, UNDP, Human Rights, Territorial, Action Assembly, International Court of Justice, Special Conference: focus on islands, Youth Conferences, and naturally, the General Assembly.
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