The UNHCR Challenge

Mini ILYMUN is also an opportunity for us to participate in the UNHCR MUN Refugee Challenge. This challenge is hosted by the UNHCR and allows the resolutions that will emerge from the conference to be examined by a jury, composed of UNHCR members, young refugee leaders and independent experts. The best resolutions will then be shared with policy makers.

This is a wonderful opportunity to move our delegates' research, actions and debates into the increasingly important realm of international policy development. It is also a fantastic opportunity for our delegates to get closer to the real UN, bringing them a step forward towards concrete change.

Our participation in this challenge also allows us to increase our visibility as an MUN Conference, as in the past over 20 thousand students have participated in the event.

All in all, it is a fantastic avenue through which we can have a larger impact and share our voice and ideas with current world leaders.