Mini Ilymun The Conference

More modest than ILYMUN, Mini-ILYMUN as a conference aims to recreate the spirit of ILYMUN on a smaller scale, bringing together around 60 delegates. The conference will be happening on the 5th of June, just before the school year ends.

Born out of the desire to offer delegates something to look forward to despite current sanitary restrictions and the cancelling of ILYMUN 2021, Mini-ILYMUN strives to be both intellectually stimulating but also a friendly and communal space where students can interact and exchange. We hope for Mini ILYMUN to become an annual event; giving delegates a taste of what the real ILYMUN to come will be like, as it is placed at the mid-way point between ILYMUN conferences.

Mini ILYMUN will take place from 9am to 4pm (9h-16h). The Cité Scolaire Internationale de Gerland and the International School of Lyon have invited the Nazarbayev Intellectual School from Kazakhstan to participate as well as our usual ILYMUN school partners, to ensure diversity among the delegates and their point of views. Students from grade 9 to grade 12 (3ème to Terminale) are welcome to participate. This conference will be the occasion for our delegates to debate as well as get to know each other, meet inspiring guest speakers, and, through an interactive time, discuss the resolutions that have emerged.