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Ilymun, short for International Lyon Model United Nations, is a three-day conference, organized by students in Lyon for students around the world to participate in.

What is ILYMUN?

ILYMUN is a conference in Lyon organized by the International School of Lyon and the Cité Scolaire Internationale. Its essence rests in providing its participants with an enriching learning and social experience while conscientiously adhering to the true purpose of the conference, which is to educate youth about diplomacy and the work of the various UN bodies.

To achieve this, we reach out beyond Europe and welcome highly motivated students from America, Africa and Asia.

By Students for Students

We believe that to truly appeal to students’ minds and hearts, the ideas, planning, and execution of the conference must sprout from students. It is the case for ILYMUN.


The same way the laws of physics dictate the course of planets, ILYMUN is first and foremost governed by a set of core values that are deeply embedded in each and every member of the organizing team.

Impacting Society

Although we recognize the value of MUN as an indirect source of progress, we also seek to have a direct impact on the world around us.

Quality Service

Our deepest desire is to educate our delegates into becoming world citizens and global thinkers who will shape tomorrow’s world.

Innovation & Creativity

We constantly seek to learn and grow from previous experiences and are actively work to make each conference better than the previous one.


We seek to make the ILYMUN experience available to all, regardless of socio-economic situation or distance from Lyon, by keeping fees as low as possible.

Our Team

Meet the people that make all this possible. A hard working team dedicated to make ILYMUN come to life in the best way possible.

Jack Pattinson

Neil Plummer

Ola Abu Rumman

Benoît Le Noir De Carlan

Julie Leroy

Louise Thomassin


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What People Say about ILYMUN?

"Debating with a large variety of smart, well rounded, and open minded teenagers my age is a truly wonderful experience."

- Nicholas Riley, Delegate

"When you're a chair, you spend more time standing up than sitting down but it's totally worth it!"

- Noemi Noveck, Chair

"It is great to be able to work towards a common goal and creating friendships with people from all over Europe, but I've got to say, three days isn't long enough."

- Victor Gondry, Chair

"ILYMUN tought me to be passionate. I never thought it would end up being something I loved doing that much but it has become a really important part of my life."

- Fanny Rovere, Chair

"It's wonderful being part of this amazing event, being able to discuss and debate with future leaders, heroes and activists whom, with a tiny bit of luck, will do something for this world."

- Emilie Vandame, Delegate


A peak at what ILYMUN is all about. Read from hundreds of articles and take a look at our photo gallery to learn more about what is going on with ILYMUN.

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Our Partners

A big thank you to all our partners who have been supporting International Lyon Model United Nations over the year. They make this event possible.


The ILYMUN team is always available to help you out. Looking for more information? Have any questions about ILYMUN? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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