Cyber World: Untangling the Web

DATES: 1st to the 4th of December


Ilymun, (International Lyon Model United Nations), is a three-day conference, organized by students in Lyon for students from around the world.

This Year's Theme

“The cyber world is a sort of the Wild, Wild West, and to some degree, we’re asked to be the sheriff” - Barack Obama at Stanford University, February 13th 2015.’

The 20th century technological revolution, and especially the invention of the internet, brought about a new wave of globalization and the creation of a new space called the “cyber world”. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how much we rely on technology and to what extent we are all connected. As the cyber world affects so many aspects of our lives, it must be considered when working towards the United Nations’ goals. As Obama’s quote implies, the cyber world is a new frontier for which we need to develop institutions that are lawful, inclusive and fair. Therefore, our conference will focus on the United Nations’ Sustainable Goal 16, “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions” with debates focused on strengthening our cyber institutions.

We will tackle some obvious global issues such as human and arms trafficking, extremism, the environment and the transparency of information, as well as philosophical and moral issues that explore the ethics of the cyber world and its consequences on individuals, societies and governments. All the issues stem from a greater question about the “Wild, Wild West” of the Cyber world: Are truth, justice, and peace in the balance? This year’s theme will foster intellectually stimulating debates as well as a creative space for personal development. We are ‘digital natives’, directly impacted and even formed by the internet and social media. Debating the cyber world in a formal setting should encourage us to take more responsibility in the use and development of these technologies.

At ILYMUN, we believe that by involving youth in finding solutions and taking action, we can make a difference. Therefore, in addition to our core MUN committees, we will again host the Action Assembly, in which students represent themselves rather than countries in order to work towards real change in their local communities, the International Court of Justice and the Youth Conference for “collège” or middle school students from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

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Mini Ilymun 2021

Refugees: Moving towards a better world

DATES: 5th of June


The same way the laws of physics dictate the course of planets, ILYMUN is first and foremost governed by a set of core values that are deeply embedded in each and every member of the organizing team.

Impacting Society

Although we recognize MUN as an indirect means to progress, we also seek to have a direct impact on the world around us.

Quality Service

Our deepest desire is to educate our delegates into becoming world citizens and global thinkers who will shape tomorrow’s world.

Innovation & Creativity

We constantly seek to learn and grow from previous experiences and actively work to make each conference better than the previous one.


We seek to make the ILYMUN experience available to all, regardless of socio-economic situation or distance from Lyon, by keeping fees as low as possible.

By Students for Students

We believe that to truly appeal to students’ minds and hearts, the ideas, planning, and execution of the conference must sprout from students.

Our Team

Meet the people who make all this possible. A hard working team dedicated to bringing ILYMUN to life in the best way possible

Emma Andreetta

Marine Balaÿ

Raphaëlle Muller-Feuga

Tomas Gouveia

Maja Muszyński

Sarah Cotte

Mathilde Le Luyer

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The ILYMUN team is always available to help you out. Looking for more information? Have any questions about ILYMUN? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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The ILYMUN team is always available to help you out. Looking for more information? Have any questions about ILYMUN? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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